Article spinning software is popular because it gives people a tool to make their life simpler. As any webmaster knows, the amount of money you make is according to your position in the Google search rankings unless you are paying for traffic. In case you are counting on so called free methods you want to be at number one in Google for your keyword. However getting to this spot isn't always easy and it will be a testing time trying to maintain your position.

Nobody fully knows how the search engine algorithms work but many are convinced that unique backlinks and good on site articles are important to your success. One effective as well as free technique for gaining backlinks is by creating articles and publishing them to other websites with a link back to your money page. But article marketing needs a lot of time. In case you have funds available you may be outsourcing your articles to skilled writers. Some people will then publish the same article to hundreds of web directories. But the recent train of thought is that this may no longer be as effective as it once one. Google may know that all these article directories have allowed the same article therefore rather than counting thousands of links, you will discover that only a small percentage of these links are recognized.

If you were to use article spinning software to spin the article before publishing it to the article directories, the chance of Google noticing this is the same article is much less. Therefore in theory they must count more of these back links when it comes to deciding on the ranking of your website. More webmasters are becoming convinced that spinning articles as well as other content is the way forward and therefore demand for article spinning software has improved considerably nowadays.

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