(Free Press Release) [5th April,2011] --- According to the expert article marketers out there, article submission still holds good if certain factors are taken into account. Now you may think that these article marketers are just bluffing about the effectiveness just to stand in the market. But their claim that an article submission is an effective search engine optimization strategy is real and there are lots of proofs for that. Top quality and well researched article are still showing on top of the search engine results and the algorithm change did not affect quality content. According to the professionals of articlesubmitedge.com, “As a professional article submit firm, we have to see the possibilities of keeping this best SEO strategy live no matter the update in Google algorithm. The result is simple. Offer the search engine quality and informative content and they would get you real results. The situation is like only hard work succeeds. It is good that novice SEO people cannot send out very low quality content over the web”

Articlesubmitedge.com being a firm with huge experience in article submission services, they understand the real fact that the effectiveness of article submission now purely depends on the quality of the article written. The professional added that, “It is not just the perfect grammar and the sentence structure that brings in the results. The articles should be well researched and most importantly fresh and on a 100% unique topic. We are able to write such kind of winning articles and that is the reason for success behind our services. ”

Speaking on the move, the professional had to say, “Unique content always has been a key to success in search engine optimization and this rule still holds. Google‘s current algorithm update is really a bad news for SEOs who used article spinners as their shortcut to success. We never used such tools and we have good news that our top quality content has got more credibility as the unwanted content is pushed down.”

Google seems to have done the right move in updating their algorithm. Now real SEO experts would gain the credibility that they deserve and the rest can Rest in peace. Give users quality content and they would get you results and that is the mantra

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