People’s Republic of China, August 7, 2014: Painting is a popular form of arts and has been practised as well as appreciated by people through ages. Like every other field, this example of civilisation has also evolved as well as developed over the ages. It was once the work of only creative thinkers who had ability to express their thoughts in colours. But, it has become a separate subject of study with many enthusiasts as students, trainers and critics. ArtistOO is a unique website that allows the masses to buy paintings online for home decoration and admire some of the best examples of fine arts right in their residences.

Enthusiasts and admirers of paintings can be found throughout the world. However, the culture of fine arts is not alike in every country. The attitude of societies towards the culture of fine arts varies from facilitation to ignorance to downright opposition. Therefore, all people do not have same kind of access to paintings. However, ArtistOO is one online platform that can bridge the gap considerably. The online store has a large collection of oil and Chinese paintings that are posted on its WebPages for sale. It specialises in oil painting and reproduction. The company also provides fully customised paintings created and framed according to the preference of purchasers.

The website of ArtistOO is the website to browse to find some of the amazing oil reproductions as well as original artwork. Every oil reproduction at ArtistOO is created by renowned artists or made by talented and skilled students of fine arts. Thousands of businesses and aesthetes have contented the vacancy for fine arts in their rooms. Paintings bought at ArtistOO can be found adorning interiors of luxury cruise liners through hotel chains and museums to regular residential homes. Impressions Sunrise, In the Middle of Sumer 1928, Branches with Almond Blossom 1890 and A Wheatfield on a Summer S Afternoon 1942 are some of the bestsellers at ArtistOO.

Every oil reproduction sold at ArtistOO is created on canvas and with good-quality material. Skilled and talented artists capture the stories, styles and techniques exhibited in the original paintings with unprecedented accuracy. The website also offers wide collection of canvas sets portraying landscapes, botanical images, animals, abstract art and more. The artists working for ArtistOO can create oil paintings out of photos too. Thus, arts enthusiasts can transform selective pictures into timeless art-pieces. It accepts payment via PayPal and Western Union. It deals as a retailer a well as a distributor to wholesalers.

About ArtistOO:


ArtistOO is an online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of original paintings as well as their reproductions. It was established in 2009 and is located at Wanghai Road in Software Park II of Siming District, Xia Men. The company has collection of more than 100,000 paintings and has sold comparable number of pieces too.