San Diego, CA — In the midst of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world are taking time to fast, focus on their prayers and forge a deeper connection with their god. This is a holy period, and one where the rules for conduct and dress are more closely followed than at almost any other time of the year. For women, Islamic clothing is a must at Ramadan because of the extra scrutiny and holy nature of the holiday. Artizara ( ) is pleased to announce $20 off denim maxi dresses for Ramadan.

Artizara was founded in 2004 with the intent of providing fashionable and culturally sensitive Islamic clothing to men and women. Based in the United States, the founders of Artizara knew and understood the difficulties that Muslim women had finding clothes that they could wear that were still appropriate for their religious convictions. With the launch of , Muslim women have a place to get all of their wardrobe needs that will look good and protect their modesty.

At the clothing is trendy and stylish, while still being modest. Women have a lot of choices in what they wear, from formal jilbabs to casual wear. Artizara’s discount on denim maxi dresses for Ramadan gives Muslim women even more incentive to try this fashionable Islamic clothing. The denim maxi dresses give the woman ample coverage, while the durable materials make the denim dresses perfect for outdoor summer activities. The denim is colored so that it will match a large number of different colors for hijabs, making these denim dresses one of the most versatile garments in a Muslim woman’s wardrobe.

Muslim women will find that the Islamic clothing at Artizara does an excellent job of spanning the gap between the religious dressing restrictions of Islam and modern women’s fashion. With a wide variety of clothes to choose from and affordable pricing, Artizara is the place for Muslim women to shop for their clothing.

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