San Diego, CA — Muslim women have often found it difficult to get the formal dresses they need for special occasions, since most of the dresses that are available are either too low cut, too short or too tight. Jilbabs are the traditional Muslim solution to this problem, and Artizara is America’s leader in Muslim clothing, including jilbabs. Artizara is proud to announce that they are cutting their already low prices on jilbabs as part of their Summer sales promotion.

Artizara has been the leading supplier of Islamic clothing and accessories in the United States since 2004. They offer women alternatives to Western fashion by bringing traditional Muslim fashions to Muslim women in the United States at prices that are comparable to what the women would pay in a Western department store. By bringing a wide selection of colors and styles to most garments in their inventory, Artizara gives Muslim women more choices than they have ever had before.

The jilbabs at Artizara are perfect for any formal or semi-formal occasion. Each jilbab comes with an attached hijab that has been color matched and coordinated to compliment the dress and make the woman look her best. Women that purchase a discounted jilbab from Artizara will receive a garment that is flattering for her body and meets the dress code requirements of Islamic tradition. Being outwardly modest does not mean that the woman cannot feel good about the clothing that she is wearing, and jilbabs are a great way for women to feel beautiful.

Jilbabs should be considered a part of any Muslim woman’s wardrobe, and the savings that can be found at Artizara make jilbabs more affordable than ever before. Women will find that they can wear their jilbabs for a number of different events or gatherings and the garment has a high degree of versatility.

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