San Diego, CA — Since 2004, Sarah Ansari and Asra Razzaque have been trying to give Muslim women throughout the world the best choices in Muslim garments and give women clothing choices that are modest and will look good for a long period of time. Each season Artizara unveils its new product lines for the fashion conscious Muslim woman and the Summer 2013 line is ready for sale.

Modesty is the most common theme among Muslim women when it comes to making their fashion choices. The clothing must be able to cover the head and the body, with the exclusions of the face and hands in most cases. The vast majority of clothing designed for Western women do not have the modesty of the woman in mind, and most articles of Western clothing are designed to leave as little to the imagination as possible. At Artizara women will find the Islamic clothing they desire, but they will not have to pay the prices usually associated with the cost of specialty clothing shopping.

The summer fashion line at Artizara highlights the season with a variety of vivid colors and clothing textures. All of the colors are bright and will look good with most other garments available through . Lightweight designs make sure that the wearer does not have to be concerned about heavy garments being too uncomfortable for every day wear in the heat. All of the garments are made with the very best craftsmanship, so that shoppers do not have to sacrifice quality in order to satisfy their religious convictions.

The Summer 2013 fashion line will help Muslim women in the United States and throughout the world follow through on their religious convictions. With the Summer line, even on the hottest day of the year, Muslim women will have the covering that they need, with prices that are very affordable.

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