Costa Mesa, California; 28, July 2015: As part of an extra effort to help raise money to support their Pamela Wilder Scholarship Fund, local womens recovery center New Directions for Women has made Repeat Boutique pop-up booths available to local businesses to set up in their stores. The beautiful, mini on-site boutiques are meant to feature some unique items which customers can buy, including scarves, clothing, purses, jewelry, and more accessories.

According to New Directions Development and PR director Tania Bhattacharyya, the booths represent a "fabulous opportunity" for local businesses to help raise money -- and raise awareness -- for those women who are looking for treatment but don't have the financial resources needed to pay for it.

New Directions' Repeat Boutique is hoping to host several pop-up booths every month to raise money to support the scholarship.

The booths are not the only creative fundraising venture helping raise money for women who need treatment. A unique line of gifts oriented towards women in recovery has also been introduced recently. Producers of the famous Bill W. documentary, Page 124 Productions, and New Directions just teamed up to produce a new merchandise line up which includes calendars, journals, notecards, as well as more specialty items.

A prominent part of the new inventory is a special collection of rarely seen, one of a kind images featuring Bill W. and Lois. The Repeat Boutique shop will host a sampling of the goods in the next few months.

The 80th International Alcoholics Anonymous convention will also see Repeat Boutique set up a booth at the Atlanta, Georgia convention facility.

About New Directions:

New Directions is a Costa Mesa, California treatment facility for women which helps women of any age, women who have children, as well as pregnant women no matter which trimester recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

New Directions was founded by a group of three visionary, courageous founders who in 1977 asked the local Newport Beach Junior League for help fulfilling their vision of establishing a womens' treatment facility which would help treat women with respect and dignity. Over a period of almost 4 decades, New Directions expanded into what is now an internationally recognized luxury residential womens-only rehab facility in Southern California's Costa Mesa, near the Newport Beach Nature Preserve.

New Directions is certified and state licensed, offering an extremely high recovery rate. They accept most kinds of insurance and also have opportunities for partial scholarships for patients who lack financial resources to underwrite their treatment.

New Directions takes a holistic approach to treatment, which means that besides traditional 12-steps, individual, and group therapies they also offer treatments meant to heal the roots of addiction on the emotional and spiritual level. Their patients attend yoga and art therapy classes as well as going rock climbing and working with horses (equine therapy).

Women who are interested in getting help can reach New Directions below. Caring admissions counselors are standing by 24/7 so they can take calls and answer any questions which women and those who love them might have about getting help.

For Media Contact:
Tania Bhattacharyya
(866) 346-8431
[email protected]