Windsor, Australia - ASAP Locksmiths are a Melbourne-based firm that provide 24/7 locksmith services. They also offer a range of products such as safes, restricted key systems and CCTV. Based in the leafy suburb of Windsor, they cover a wide area across the city.

The importance of using a trusted locksmith company

The firm holds a Company Private Security Registration, issued by Victoria Police. It's something all legitimate locksmiths must have. ASAP Locksmiths only send out employees that have an Individual Private Security Licence. It's no surprise that they're one of Melbourne's most trusted supplier of locksmith services!

It's a sad fact that some of ASAP Locksmiths' competitors are not as trustworthy. When using a locksmith, it's crucial that customers only deal with a legitimate firm.

24/7 locksmith services - guaranteed

ASAP Locksmiths provide a genuine 24 hour a day, seven days a week service. Since 1984, the firm has helped countless people in emergencies.

It makes no difference what time of day or night they get called out. Or even whether they get asked to attend an emergency on a public holiday. ASAP Locksmiths offer a dedicated fast and responsive service.

The firm offers a variety of locksmith services, including:

●    Residential, commercial and automotive services;
●    Alarm and security systems including CCTV; and
●    Remote entry systems.

ASAP Locksmiths are also an award-winning locksmith firm. For instance, in 2014 one member of staff won an award for Australia's Best Young Locksmith.

The company invests a lot of time and resources to ensure their employees are the best in the business. That and their speedy response to emergencies is what makes them one of the best locksmiths in Melbourne.

High-quality product offering

Complementing their first-class locksmith services, ASAP Locksmiths also provide a range of security products. Take the CMI safes, for example. ASAP Locksmiths can install them in both domestic and commercial settings.

The EVVA restricted key systems are a popular range of products that the company sells. Each system is SCEC-endorsed. That means they offer both high-security and protect against drill threats. The EVVA systems get used in a range of settings like banks and schools.

ASAP Locksmiths also stock a vast range of automotive key transponders. Today's modern vehicles have electronic immobiliser systems. Only skilled locksmiths like ASAP can create keys with transponders. ASAP can also do that at a fraction of the vehicle dealer's price for the same service.

Other products stocked include remote and keyless entry systems, CCTV and more. Visit their website at for more information.

About ASAP Locksmiths

Founded in 1984, ASAP Locksmiths are a leading provider of locksmith services in Melbourne. They also offer a comprehensive range of security products. Examples include safes and automotive transponder keys.

They cover areas such as Windsor, St Kilda, Malvern, Surrey Hills and Docklands.

For more information, contact:

ASAP Locksmiths
87 Chapel Street

Telephone: +61 (0)3 9510 3151

Email: [email protected]