With Lent starting February 13 2013, observance is marked by many Catholics abstaining from meat and many instead substitute fish. In Wisconsin, the fish fry is almost a religion of its own. Virtually every restaurant, bar, tavern or pub offers a fish fry of some kind every Friday. A sure fire way to start a conversation is to ask someone from Wisconsin who has the best fish fry, most people have a favorite but many are always looking for another place that is better. 

The Friday Fish Fry Guide is an online resource built to answer the question,”Where should we go tonight for a fish fry?” that is asked thousands of times everywhere around Wisconsin. The website allows the person to search by type of fish: perch, bluegill, walleye, baked, cod or even smelt. They can also search by location, days of the week offered, coupon offers and the most popular search: All-You-Can-Eat. 

Fridays during Lent are busiest time of year for the fish fry with many places having significant wait times to get a table so some places offer a Wednesday option in addition to Friday. Some offer a Wednesday fish fry year round and others do so just during Lent. 

There is an option to search places that have a fish fry on Wednesdays or even seven days a week like many Irish pubs do so if you are visiting the Milwaukee area on a day other than a Friday, you can still get to experience the tradition. 

The Friday Fish Fry Guide currently covers the six counties of Southeastern Wisconsin: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racne, Kenosha, Washington and Ozaukee counties. There are close to 1,000 bars, restaurants and grocers that offer a fish fry of some kind to dine in or carry home. Traffic to the site is steady throughout the year but doubles during Lent to over 10,000 visitors a month, each looking for ideas for places to try for a fish fry. The website publisher Tom Graber can be reached at 262-782-9622 or [email protected] 

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