Due to the fact that we live in the era of technology, traditional desktops can now be forgotten by those who want to keep their company's data in a secured place, away from viruses and hackers. If you own an IT company and you want to experience the benefits of cloud hosting and also to share it with others, then you should find some good cloud partners that can offer you a very attractive cloud reseller program.


With cloud computing, every company, either it is a small one or a big corporation, can transform all of its operations and technology related processes directly through a flexible and very adaptable IT environment. The capabilities of DwDrive Cloud Technology assure you that you are working with the most reliable partner you are able to find nowadays. Their hosted desktop services makes possible the replacement of the traditional working computers with a virtual desktop that will offer you lots of advantages. The best examples that we can remind are the capability to access the virtual desktops through every computer, which has an Internet connection, and the privacy and security of your data.


Nowadays there a great number of companies that offer cloud computing services, but note that not all of them can offer premium quality services. If you really want to take advantage of the fast-growing cloud IT infrastructure, then you should definitely find a reliable partner that can provide you the best cloud computing services that you are able to find on the market. One of these companies is DwDrive, that has been founded in 2009 and that has always provided only top quality products to its customers in many places around the world. This company has a state of the art equipment, which is operated only by professional workers in the IT domain. It has a portfolio that contains a large number of computing platforms, such as email services and online storage. So you should not hesitate and become one of its cloud partners in order to be sure that you benefit only from great services.


Also, take into consideration profiting from their cloud reseller program and offering to your customers only the best services of cloud computing. This program not only gives you the ability to resell the DwDrive’s cloud computing services, but it actually offers you a way of making a nice profit because they will provide you everything at a discounted price in the following way: the Authorised Partners will benefit of a 10 per cent discount, the Premium Partners of a 15 per cent discount and the White Label ones will have a 20 per cent discount.



All in all, if you want to get the best out of this new cloud IT infrastructure and gain more trust in your domain of activity, then you should definitely resort to the cloud reseller program offered by the company mentioned above, because you will not find better cloud partners than them, no matter how much you search.