30, July 2015: At first, I refused to ride an intelligent scooter. But later, I saw almost all my friends get intelligent scooters. They rode scooters freely and happily. I couldn’t resist to have a try. The riding experience totally changed my concept of commuting. Now, I often tell my friends to ride an intelligent scooter instead of driving. It gets you rid of traffic jam and produces zero pollution.


The high technology, unique shape design and excellent operating experience make the intelligent self-balancing scooters aliens in our current world.

Intelligent scooters are applied with built-in gyroscope and accelerometer to detect the changes in the scooter body. Then the intelligent chip quickly calculates and gives an order to the motor to keep balance. When you ride a scooter, you need to change your center of gravity, like leaning forward or backward to control the scooter moving in the same direction. Every time I ride my scooter passing by the strangers on the road, I can feel the curious and longing eyes fixed upon me, especially when the traffic tied up.

Airwheel Scooter1

Speaking of traffic jams, I can’t help but talk about the advantages of electric scooters in comparison to traditional transport vehicles. The first advantage of the device is being small. An intelligent scooter is so small that it scoots through any narrow alleys and lanes. Even in elevators, it moves in and out freely. Besides, it is also portable. I can pack it into a bag at any time and carry it onto buses, cars and trains. When I need it, I will take it out and ride it to the destination. In this way, I can go anywhere freely. That is exactly what I am looking for.

The second reason for changing my mind and choosing an intelligent scooter for commuting is its low-carbon feature. Another reason might be its reliability and safety. Airwheel scooters are installed with debugged intelligent chip, imported SONY original lithium battery and up-to-date aeronautic aluminum panels. Unlike cheap products in the market, all those important parts of Airwheel are produced with rigorous craftsmanship to ensure the safety. With reliable quality and reasonable price, Airwheel successfully dominates the market.

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