ATLANTA — Atlanta Bonded has recently published two valuable pieces of industry information, from their position as a leader in the warehouse industry. The first is an in-depth article, providing information that will help LTL shippers dramatically cut shipping costs and maximize profits. The second offers key information on the optimal methods of choosing a 3PL (third party logistics) provider. Both articles should prove invaluable to manufacturers and companies that require warehousing/transportation support.

For LTL shippers, the ability to cut shipping costs has never been more important. With the difficult economy and changes in the CPG industry , several trends have emerged. . Over the past 20 years, large companies have grown larger and have even merged with or acquired their former competitors. Older brands are disappearing faster than new ones are being created and successful businesses have emerged by revitalizing old brands that had lost marketing support due to a perceived lack of growth. As a result, big companies’ leverage over truckload carriers has increased considerably. Truckload freight rates have shown little growth in the past 10 years even though the carriers’ have had constant problems with a shrinking pool of driver replacements. Furthermore, costs have gone up for environmentally friendly equipment, profits are being lost through unproductive regulation, and there has been a lack of investment in foodservice and retail distribution centers.

Having an effective process for choosing the right 3PL provider is equally important. While selecting a 3PL provider appears to be simple at the first , one must remember that their provider will represent their client to their client’s customers and a poor choice could do serious damage to a company’s standing, reputation, and sales. Anecdotal evidence has demonstrated that choosing the right 3PL can make a career while making a poor choice can have the opposite effect. With stakes of that magnitude, it is critical for a company to be well informed before making any type of decision. Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation is a 3PL that is subject to the selection process on a daily basis. The article they have published on their website — is based on their extensive experience on the subject.

For over 60 years, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation (ABW) has provided public and contract food-grade, temperature-controlled distribution services. The award-winning ABW facilities are renowned for their excellent metro location, outstanding safety record, service and consistent customer satisfaction. With Colonial Cartage Corporation as their in-house carrier, ABW is able to cover all of their customers’ asset-based logistics needs throughout the Great Plains, Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest.

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