(Free Press Release) AIFG commits to offering a comprehensive menu of partnership service advantages and solutions in the simplest format possible; offer the services at a competitive price and deliver the services at the highest level of excellence without exception.
Providing Service to the mortgage Industry since 2001, AIFG is comprised of a talented group of mortgage professionals with a unique blend of both wholesale and retail mortgage banking experience. Our platform is founded on the belief that three basic principles, divers products, competitive price and exceptional service leads to sustained, long term growth and success. Our first and foremost priority is to serve the needs of our community of partners and friends in the territories of which we operate.
Professional Industry Associations:
To effectively serve your needs better, we maintain our presence as a member and/or leader of numerous Associations in the field of finance, banking, and Mortgage Professionals. Our dedication to you is based upon the underlying foundation of our commitment to excellence and strict adherence to a precise Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practices second to none in our industry.
Business Solutions - Loan Origination System:
Atlantic International Partnership Funding Group‘s loan origination and Management System is a best in class mortgage origination and processing technology. Designed specifically to serve the needs of our remote partners by combining all of the critical elements of your business into a singular seamlessly integrated application process that dramatically improves the way you‘re business functions. You will originate and manage mortgage loans more efficiently than ever before. Our system frees up the extra time you value most by allowing you to plan and schedule for the building of new relationships that will further expand your existing client-base and income.
Service Advantage: At AIFG you choose the service level that best suits your needs and production level. The AIFG Service Advantage Programs allows you to match up the company services to your specific business needs. There are three levels of service to choose from, and each level is provided based on your production or an assessed fee per file which ever you choose.
Basic Advantage: For partners that average a low Month-to-Month production level and need little to no operations assistance. 1-4 Units
Premium Advantage: For partners that produce in the moderate to above average production category . 5-10 Unit Closing average for 60 days
Platinum Advantage: 10 + Units Per Month For 90 days
• Team Set-Up (You Get Your Own Processing Team, Including a Marketing Coordinator)
• AIFG Loan Origination system
• Advanced LOS Training
• Advanced In depth FHA/Conventional Loan Product Training
• Credit Bureau Fee Assistance
• Dealmaker Access
• Marketing Tool Box support Access
• Account Executive Support
• IT Tech Support
• Branch Set-up Assistance (Manage your own AIFG Branch) Minimum 90 day affiliation period required for branch set-up.