The Atrium is currently one of the few institutions that are helping many individuals to achieve the thrill of winning coveted trophies in different areas of sports. It has been popular for operating fighters from different walks of life.

The current year’s German cup of Kyokushin Karate and All round Fighting for IBK - junior was hosted with much pomp and show at the centre’s non-profit association. Reports show that the preparations at the centre were in full swing for weeks. Trainers have revealed that race combinations were focused on the individual participants, which has tremendously improved the conditions. When the fighting ensued, close sources have revealed that all of the hours of preparation at the centre shone through as the battle continued from 11:30 to 15:30. Six year old participants were highly appreciated for showing so much courage and discipline. Atrium was widely appreciated by the media after its teenage participants showed hard battles fought with great technique. The killer combination made sure that the tournaments of the past were clearly visible. The round MMA fighting showed the militant potential of the kids. Leading figures Hanshi Shihan Oliver and Tom were selected as referees. Both being professionals, have attested to the fact that Atrium participants showed fair dealing, coupled with high level athletic performance. The event at the Farmsener Dojo was hosted with the help of many donations from willing participants. Numerous hands include cake donations, organizers and many more. The Atrium has already announced its German championship for the year 2017, which will follow an already successful run tournament.

Atrium has been recognized widely as one of the leading school of martial arts. It has also been recently dealing with different sports like fitness, fun, self defense and many more. Located in the heart of Hamburg, many individuals are already looking to this centre for discipline and success in their profession.  For more information please visit

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Atrium is located at the heart of Hamburg. It has become the frontrunner in the industry, helping many individuals to get discipline and success in their particular sports.

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