Attend the Party of the Season This Week in ‘Shake It Up’


With all the hard work they do on the sets of “Shake It Up, Mumbai”, Neel and Yash feel they deserve to party a little and manage to fish out an invitation from the host, Shekhar to one of his legendary parties. While they manage to sneak out of their homes without informing their mothers, they are in for some disappointment as they realize that Shekhar wants them to be waiters at his party!


The situation gets messier when they are expected to be present in the group photo that is supposed to be published in the following day’s newspaper! How do Neel and Yash manage to get out of the group picture? And does their secret of sneaking out to the party actually remain a secret or does someone find out?


Like all of Shekhar’s parties, this one had it all…good food, great music, amazing dance and an unwanted guest in the end to surprise Neel and Yash!


Attend the Party in “Shake It Up”on Saturday, May 4, 2013, at 10 am

only on Disney Channel



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