Attention! Captain Nani introduces Military Rule in the House 


An ex-military nurse, Neel’s Nani ma known as CaptaanNani arrives and begins to look after Neel and his brother, Aayush while their mother is away on police duty. Things take an unpleasant turn when Neel’s PT coach, Subedaar Sir informs CaptaanNani of Neel’s poor performance in PT. Dreading the worst, Neel is surpised at the pleasant turn of events when the two ex-army veterans start to get along well together. Things turn more hilarious when Subedaar Sir decides to take CaptaanNani out for dinner. Not to be the one to stay out of mischief, Neel puts Subedaar Sir through the scanner by quizzing him on things that could potentially jeopardize a pleasant dinner. What does Neel quiz Subedaar Sir on? What does Subedaar Sir need to keep in mind when going out with Nani? More importantly, does he actually manage to take Nani out for dinner?


To find out watch “Shake It Up” on Sunday, July 21, 2013

at 11amonly on Disney Channel



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