China - As a specialized Silk dress distributor, the grasping for basically knowledge about how to wash, dry, iron and collect the silk fabric dress is very crucial because many consumers will have puzzle about these four points. So, the editor from which is the famous online platform for wholesale silk dress and other women plus size clothing will introduce with people the detailed information about these four factors.


People should know about that the silk dress is woven by the proteinaceous fibers. People should not wash the silk fabric dress with rough rub and washing machine. On the contrary, this sort of clothes should be immersed in deserted water for five to ten minutes and then the special silk detergent, low foam synthetic washing powder or gently soap should be the best choice.


After washing silk dress or related fabric clothing, these clothing should not be directly dried by the sun light and the application of dryer must also be avoided. Generally speaking, the silk dress should generally be placed in a cool ventilated place to dry. The main reason is that the ultraviolet rays will easily let the silk fabric become yellowing, fading and aging.


As the wrinkle resistance of the wholesale silk dress is less than the chemical composition, so the correctly ironing after washing is very necessary. After washing silk dress, there will be more or less the wrinkles phenomenon. In this case, the wrinkle parts need to be ironed so that the dress could become crisp, elegant, and beautiful. When the clothes dry to 70% in the process of ironing, people need to spray water mist evenly. After 3 to 5 minutes, people should iron the dress again. The ironing temperature should be controlled below 150 centigrade. On the other hand, the iron surface should not directly touch the silk surface to avoid the aurora phenomenon.


The collection for silk dress should be after the totally cleaning, drying and ironing process. The ironing process is very crucial which can play the role of sterilization pest controlling. Meanwhile, the storing place for these silk dresses should be kept clean and the dust pollution should be totally avoided.

After grasping all four points above, each silk dress distributor could give their consumer fully guidance about how to wash, dry, iron and collect their silk dress. For more information, please do not hesitate to get contact with


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