Walls are usually the most lifeless parts in a home www.decalshome.com especially those in the bedrooms. Many try to decorate their walls with wall hangings, paintings and many other accessories which is an older version of decorating a home. The newest version is that of the wall decals. Decals Home presents a whole new range of wall decals in various categories to suit varied needs of their customers. There are kitchen wall decals, living room wall decals, bedroom wall decals and wall decals for kids¡¯ rooms as well. They have designs depending upon the room and the needs of the customers.

There are children wall decals with the brightest designs possible. The most common of all is the design tree wall decal that has a castle with stars and moons around it. There are specific designs for boys and girls separately. While there are designs with cute little toys and flower pots for girls, there are designs with footballs, robots and baseballs exclusively for boys. These children wall decals are the best ideas to help children learn faster. There are designs with alphabets, words, animals, flowers, cartoon characters and many more to keep the children active, playful and bright all day.

Animal wall decals come from yet another category that has interesting designs. There are designs of fish swimming on the wall and these designs are most ideal for bathrooms. There are designs with birds, kitties, teddy bears, puppies, penguins and various other animated creatures. Parents can make their kids¡¯ rooms as vibrant as they want. There are different color options to choose from in case they are looking at matching the designs with their wall colors. There are canvas prints as well which are most ideal for restrooms, lobbies, bedrooms and other areas with larger rooms. These wall decals are also excellent gifting ideas for birthdays, house warming or to mark any special occasion.

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Decals Home, www.decalshome.com is a one stop shop for wall decals. This online store has thousands of wall decals wall clock decals in different varieties and categories. They design and make their own wall decals and hence they are most innovative. They update their designs quite often and make sure that their customers get something new every time they visit the Decals Home website. They also offer free shipping on all their products worldwide.

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