Austin, TX; 17, February 2017: Spring is usually the best time of the year, when spirits are high and everyone is in a good mood. But if one goes by the stats put out by law enforcement authorities, it is also the season when burglars and other criminal elements are particularly active. There is usually a spike in break-ins and attempted burglaries during spring, year after year. Bump keys, which are so easily available on the internet on online marketplaces such as eBay, are very popular with burglars.

The sharp increase in the number of attempted break-ins has the local enforcement on an edge. With spring about to start in a few weeks time from now, this is only set to get worse. Any face-off with burglars poses considerable threat to the safety of homeowners and their families.

Responding to the seriousness of the situation, Austin Locksmiths has announced free security audits to all customers within the Austin area. Daryl Uberoi manager of Austin Locksmiths said in an interview with the media, “We have noticed how we always get more calls from distraught homeowners during Spring, year after year, about having been targeted by burglars. Now, with bump keys so easily available, the usual security systems that are in place in most homes are no longer secure. So we now offer a free security audit this spring to all residents of Austin Texas who might need our service. We encourage homeowners to hire our services and secure their premises right now, when there is still time.”

Mr. Uberoi explained that his technicians would check for any vulnerability in the lock and key systems, especially against bump keys. Bump keys are dangerous because over 95% of locks can be broken into by them.

“We suggest replacements for the locks that are particularly vulnerable and look for any gaps in security, such as unsecure windows, garages, back door entrance, etc. The security audit will consist of an assessment of all access and entry points and other weak areas. The service is provided by trained and certified locksmith technicians, who have wide ranging experience in commercial and residential locksmith services and in home security systems,” Mr. Uberoi added.

About Austin Locksmiths:

Austin Locksmiths is a family owned and operated local locksmith company that has been serving homes and businesses in the Austin area for 5 years now. The company provides residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services. The company also offers key cutting services and a 24 hour emergency lockout service.

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