Adelaide, South Australia; 1 August 2014: The Adelaide, South Australia, accountants at Nieuvision are providing valued clients with flexible tax preparation options. In addition to serving clients with in-office tax preparation, Nieuvision also offers convenient online tax preparation. 

Nieuvision has offered tax preparation via live online chat for the past three years. Not only are more and more clients adopting this method but an accelerating number of tax preparers are offering online tax preparation. Live online chat gives clients an incredibly convenient way to have their taxes prepared. Instead of working around work and family obligations to visit Nieuvision’s office, clients can simply schedule an online chat session for their tax preparation needs. 

In addition to the ease of online tax preparation via live chat, clients are also exceptionally impressed with how fast the service is. Depending on each client’s situation, online tax preparation with Nieuvision can be completed in as little as twenty minutes. 

Nieuvision works diligently to help each client receive the maximum tax refund. Now, with a variety of flexible options, clients can have their taxes prepared when it’s most convenient for them, and they can rest assured they are receiving a highly professional, thorough service. 

About Nieuvision: 

Nieuvision, one of Adelaide’s premiere property investment and finance firms, strives to build long-lasting relationships with their clients. By putting the client first, Nieuvision succeeds in promoting wealth and financial health. The taxation arm of Nieuvision, which has been in service for a decade, offers a robust benefits to clients by ensuring the maximum allowed tax refund for each return. 

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