Valencia, CA: Author AmyKate Gowland is a strong woman leading the next generation of men and women to live life according to the principles of self honesty, integrity and inner truth. Through her popular blog “No Longer Hiding Out, she translates her vision into words. Simply put, she wants to share the very things that make her authentic and special, and she hopes to encourage others to do the same. 

No Longer Hiding Out

Living a life with self-confidence and self-esteem is an ideal that has been taking hold in popular culture through music, movies and books worldwide. Inspirational artists including singer/songwriter Katy Perry and superstar Lady Gaga send the message to women and men everywhere through their lyrics and music: money can’t buy happiness. Each person must discover their real identity from within because it is the only way to find true happiness and live life to the highest potential. Likewise, Gowland’s new blog, No Longer Hiding Out, is an innovative expression of imagery, music and writing on how to become a truly authentic person, and more importantly, a vital member of the human race. 

Gowland, Gaga, and Perry also teach an important lesson that sometimes no matter how hard you work at something, it can still fall apart. The important thing is to stay true to oneself, persevere and grow. Evidence of the immense popularity of this ideology can be found in the lyrics of hit songs like by “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, and “Firework” by Katy Perry. 

“Each of my posts is a piece of my life and experiences. It is my hope that anyone who reads it will find themselves enriched positively and relate in a way that makes them feel less alone in their own lives,” said Gowland. “I want to return to the core being of humanity and consciousness.” 

Although AmyKate overcame a turbulent childhood to create a rewarding life as a loving wife and mother, there was still something unfulfilling stirring within her being. Like so many powerful women in the spotlight today, she decided to do something about it. is the culmination of her belief that each person was born, and has already grown, into the perfect version of them. The next step is simply to own it. 

Besides her posts on topics of life, love and truth, there is a section of her blog that focuses on other aspects of her life. This popular page of the site is called “What the ‘#!’” and lives up to its name with irreverent commentary and a refreshing flow-of-consciousness style. “It is where I can be free to express myself on any issue that is not part of my mainstream blog. It reflects my frustration regarding my daily experiences with society,” said Gowland. 

Gowland invites anyone who is looking for personal fulfillment to visit her blog. She also encourages visitors to leave her messages and notes. “I love hearing from my readers,” said Gowland. As her site continues to grow in popularity, it is obvious her readers love hearing from her too. 

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About AmyKate Gowland: 

Amy Kate is an author, wife and mother of three. She is the founder of the blog named where she is shares her life experiences and philosophies. Her goal is to inspire others to lead a better life through personal growth, authenticity and self-awareness. 

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