19 December, 2013: Are you looking to make a career change, maybe being a bartender is your calling? The author of “How To Become A Bartender With No Experience” as known as “Make Money Bartending” has got all the answers your important questions. 


Jermy Sherk, who is currently certified bartender, has now revealed revolutionary bartending in his new book called “How to become a bartender with no experience”. This book is filled with plenty of step-by-step guides on what you need to do in order to land your first job as a bartender. This include many tips on how to fill out a winning bartender resume. This comprehensive guide will become your best resource to help you land that dream job. 


December 16, 2013 – People fail to get the jobs they are applying for because a myriad of reasons. One of which is they are not prepared to give the answers during the interview. This book hopes to change that, one of the most important sections of book is called How to answer interview questions. Another reason why people fail to land that desired job is that their resume is not up to par. There is a trick to writing a winning resume and part of the book explains in detail how to write a bartender resume. 

When asked why he felt that there was need for this type book, the author Jermy said quite simply, he wanted to help people succeed in life at a career that they really enjoy. Unfortunately, there are many people that are stuck in a dead end job and not really enjoying it. With “How to become a bartender” it will show you that with the right bartending tips you can become a top flight bartender in no time. 

Truth be told, that author Jermy Sherk said the biggest reason he came up with the book was that he was once stuck in one of those dead end careers and he saw a television ad for bartending classes being held at a local college and he just jumped at the opportunity. So, now after going through the experience, he figured he could offer the would be bartenders reading this press release some bartending tips that he has learned on the job. So by writing “How to become a bartender with no experience”, he is finally able to do what he set out to do. 

We asked the question…what exactly “How To Become A Bartender” & why we need this secret tips? 

We asked the author if he had to describe the book “How to become a bartender with no experience” in few sentences, what would they be. This is what they came up with, “The biggest reasons why people fail to get a job is because their resume was unimpressive and they gave a poor interview”. The book does address those two issues by telling the reader How to answer interview questions and how to write a bartender resume. 

Our Conclusions: 

The book “How to Become A Bartender With No Experience” is much anticipated release, it is a comprehensive self help book designed to help you get started with a new career in Bartending. It includes tips galore, including how to write a winning bartender resume, how to answer interview questions and get that first job. So, anyone who wants to get his revolutionary bartending tips, must visit his website. 

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