NEW YORK, NY  October 26, 2015 -- There is bibliophobia, a fear of books. There is logophobia, a fear of words. But is there a fear of “not writing”? If so, nineteen-year-old Christine Catlin, the author of over six books must have it.

“Writing is an itch for me,” Catlin says. “If I don’t get two thousand words in a day, I go a little crazy.” Spectaccolo, her latest book, is loosely inspired by her nocturnal wanderings while living in Italy. It tells the tale of a young female lion tamer caught in the middle of a circus feud between two Italian brothers.

“The external dark and light, good and bad, leaves room for the main character’s internal gray areas,” Catlin says. “Leona is stubborn, and difficult to get along with. Her only attachments are with the lions and an emotionally abusive barnhand.”

Christine Catlin, a triplet, comes from an unusual family. Her sister, Kelly Catlin, is currently on the roster to cycle in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Her brother, Colin Catlin, is a pre-med student at the University of Minnesota. Meanwhile, Christine Catlin, a self-described “professional daydreamer” is currently pursuing a degree in Digital and Print Publishing at New York University. Her latest book, Spectaccolo, is being published by San Francisco small press Silvestri Books.

Perhaps the most unusual thing about author Catlin isn’t her ambitiousness, but her unquenchable thirst for adventure. “There is nothing more difficult than being a writer with a sheltered existence,” says Catlin. “So I have to live outside my comfort zone.”

Perhaps this is why she tries so many new things. From riding her motorcycle all around Minneapolis (and breaking her hand when she got in an accident during a rainstorm), to living homeless for a year in San Francsico and Golden Gate Park (and being mugged not once, but twice), to embarking on a trip to the island of Sardegna, Catlin says she tries to see as many perspectives as possible.

“Characters are only believable when they’re based off real people’s idiosyncrasies and tendencies. I try to meet as many people as I can; try to understand them and their lifestyle.”

For more information or to contact Catlin, reach out to the publisher at [email protected] or 415-792-9362. Christine Catlin and her publications can be found at Spectaccolo hits bookshelves nationwide on November 3rd, 2015. Catlin will be signing books in and around New York City this month.

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