(Free Press Release) A free DVD video on Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules, VLMs, Vertical Carousels and Vertical Storage Solutions Is Available from Sapient Automation for the asking.

Doylestown, PA - June 04, 2011 -- A new free DVD from Sapient Automation covers the most frequently asked questions on integrating simple automation systems, including Hornet Horizontal Carousels, Viper Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), Avenger Vertical Carousels, Pick-to-Light technology, and inventory management software systems, into organizations.

Included on this free DVD are more than 17 FAQs ranging from business discussions on Return On Investment (ROI) to tips on selecting automated storage and retrieval systems, and which systems are best for specific applications.

For example, how do you calculate return on investment? Very simply, the ROI allows you to determine how fast the money you have paid will be paid back and the future return on this investment. First look at the labor savings. Depending on the application and type of equipment labor savings is often between 33% and 66%.

Calculate the space savings. Depending on your physical ceiling height and inventory it will range from 60% to 85%. What is the value of this space saved? How much energy is saved? Did it eliminate moving or new construction? If not, what is the value of the work that will be done with this new space? Will you manufacture a new line, increase production, distribute new products or offer new services?

Sapient Automation‘s Hornet Horizontal Carousels, Avenger Vertical Carousels and Viper Vertical Lift Modules provide organizations with under a 12 month ROI. In fact, Sapient Automation is guaranteeing a 12 month or faster Return on Investment (ROI) and a free on site, no obligation ROI analysis to all facilities.

Each FAQ presentation runs in under 60 seconds. Automated storage and retrieval systems can reduce labor by 2/3, recover 85% of otherwise wasted floor space and increase picking accuracy levels to 99.99%. The discussion on Return On Investment describes how these savings allow organizations to see a 12-month or less ROI.

Another example includes, which is better a Viper Vertical Lift Module (VLM) or Hornet Horizontal Carousel(http://www.GetSapient.com/Hornet) or Avenger Vertical Carousel?(http://www.GetSapient.com/Avenger) This is like asking which child is your favorite. Unless you have only one child, it changes depending on what is happening.

Simply horizontal carousels are the most economical. They are great for under 8 foot ceilings, they hit high productivity levels, plus you can change the carousel‘s lengths and heights and can give you emergency access to inventory.

Vertical Lift Modules or VLMs are perfect for ceilings over 12 feet and provide the highest levels of ergonomics. Vertical Carousels are ideal for areas under 12 feet tall and for inventory that is relatively static in size and requires emergency access.

All three systems will save your floor space, and increase your productivity and ergonomics levels. So understanding your business model and prioritizing your goals will impact which system is "the best" for you.

Either visit the website, call or email for a free copy of the 60 Second FAQ DVD. Sapient Automation, a subsidiary of MDCI, is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, distribution, warehouses, institutions, retail and wholesale. For information about the free 60 Second FAQ DVD call 888-451-9711, email: [email protected] or visit the Sapient Automation web site at www.GetSapient.com

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