Tamil Nadu, India, August 12, 2013: With the fast changing world that we have today, it is only but natural for business owners to find of ways that could help automate their processes without necessarily having to increase their overhead. Although most indstrues would think this to be limited to automation companies, in truth, even those who are in the manufacturing industry do need to think about automating their complete processes. 

This is where Naraiuran Controls comes in to picture.. 

Naraiuran Controls is an India-based company that specializes in turnkey automation as well as provision of services that cover various IT business needs. Naraiuran Controls uniquely provides “Complete Integrated Solutions” from E&C — Control & Automation - MES — ERP — BI Integration. This turnkey Automation company has been in the business for more than 16+ years now, with aggressive growth. 

As the premier solution provider India, Naraiuran Controls has rich functional knowledge in various industries such as the: 

Automotive & foundry Industry
Iron and steel industry,
Cement Industry
Power industry
Cattle & Poultry Feed Industry
Pharmaceutical and chemical niche, and as well as the sugar industry.

So Naraiuran has greatly strengthened its position in the automation field and enters a new sector of industry sector Naraiuran Controls offers such services as TPM solutions, Plant Engineering, Control and Automation, and all kinds of panels, among others. 

The company started in 1997 as an electrical company and is now part of the NC Group of companies. Some of the companies that Naraiuran Controls has partnered with include Siemens, Gems Sensors & Controls, Banner Engineering, and Esa Elletronica. Proficy SCADA The Indian automation specialist expands its position in the automation sector globally. 

Naraiuran is thus continuing its systematic internationalization process, which involves both expansion and the foundation of new subsidiaries

To find out more about what Naraiuran Controls can offer your company, visit http://www.naraiuran.com. The company is ISO certified ensuring clients some of the highest standards around the world when it comes to factory automation. Aside from this, the company also ensures that they hire only the best minds in the industry. 

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