Mark Tull, a well-regarded name in the automotive industry, has recently set up his own website, which will be a one stop shop for information, advice and the latest industry news which concerns the automotive industry. 

The brand new site, which bears the label ‘Mark Tull Auto’, was launched in August 2013, and it is already making waves in my places on the Internet, particularly in various Social Media circles such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. 

The website’s in-depth blog currently caters to such diverse and interesting topics as robotic haulage work, haulage company tactics, and the famous Batmobile. 

Speaking about his foray into the world wide web, Mark Tull said: “I am truly very excited to be able to launch Mark Tull Auto. 

“Having my own website where I can impart the knowledge I have gained over the last few decades, in addition to discussing the latest news regarding the automobile industry, has always been a pipe dream of mine, and I’m delighted that it is finally happening.” 

Mark Tull was born in London and was later raised in Essex. After graduating from the LSE with a law degree, Mr Tull went on to set up his own business in the automotive industry, which he sold in 2003. 

He added: “Now that I do not have a business to run day in day out, I am looking forward to dedicated all my available time to Mark Tull Auto. So watch this space!” 

For more information on Mark Tull Auto, and to learn more about the man behind this innovative new platform, visit the website at . All enquiries, including parties interested in advertising opportunities, should be directed via the contact form on the website. Alternatively, people can make contact with Mark Tull by following him on his Twitter account. 

About Mark Tull: 

London-born Mark Tull is an automotive expert who started his own automobile business at the age of just 21. In 2003 this business was sold, and now Mark earns his living by blogging about cars, trucks and other matters concerning vehicles on the Internet. He can be found at his website, . 

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