(Free Press Release) Online Faxing or the ability to send faxes digitally over an internet connection is becoming increasingly popular with more and more businesses going `mobile‘. Not only do they reduce the carbon footprint by saving on paper, they are also cheaper and more convenient that ordinary `immobile‘ fax machines. And now, as a special offer to its patrons, these are available at a steal at the new super discounted prices on choosewhat.com.

Choosewhat.com has always been a pioneer in bringing affordable as well as time saving business solutions to the entrepreneur pressed for time. With this intent, they have even established the Choosewhat research lab in which they actually test all products to give them a rating. They also try and present all information in the most user friendly format that allows business owners to compare facts and features at a glance. In their most recent offering, they offer the best of pricing along with a detailed product review for the leading service providers in this business. Parameters for review for fax services include:

• Monthly fees with annual prepayment discount as well as all start up and other hidden fees.
• Trial period for which the service is offered free
• Upgrade possibilities from the basic plan as well as corporate packages
• Customer support
• Number of users permissible on one subscription
• Online fax storage
• No. of free Outgoing and incoming page /Rate per page for outgoing and incoming pages
• Fax by email feature

Internet faxing is increasingly replacing traditional facsimile messages as more and more people work out of different locations. Also called email faxing or online faxing, the fax is digitally converted into a mail that can be retrieved and even printed at one‘s convenience. This service is great for people who don‘t usually receive faxes and therefore do not need to invest in a facsimile device. The fax to email function also guarantees better security for private documents which you would prefer others not to see.

About Choosewhat.com

Choosewhat.com is a comparison site that helps business owners compare prices and features of leading service providers for business cards, email marketing software and other essentials to start up a business. The company works on the rationale that small businesses need to be able to buy the best quality materials at the cheapest possible rates in order to do justice to the limited funds that they have. They are also unique in their attempts to present all resources in the best possible way in order that business owners spend the minimum time away from their core processes.

If you are interested in finding out more about online faxing or any other tools for your business needs, you can read more about them at http://online-fax.choosewhat.com.


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