Perth, WA — Investing in property has traditionally been a relatively complicated and involved endeavour, requiring investors to understand and deal with everything from siteworks to inspection, tax issues, and fees, to gardening and lawncare.

Perth builder Aveling Unit Developments (AUD) understands the frustrations faced by Western Australians willing to invest in property but not to deal with all the minor details. By introducing turn-key strata developments, AUD is providing Perth property investors with a simple option that allows them to focus on the big picture of maximising their return rather than micromanaging a development.

Feasibility Studies

The first step in developing an investment property is determining the commercial feasibility. This isn’t a back of the envelope calculation but an in depth study of a potential investment property where detailed cost estimates are drawn up and projections are made.

A feasibility study often involves the work of a number of professionals, including a solicitor, engineer, town planning consultant, architect, builder, and surveyor. Investors going with the turn key option however, can sit back as all these steps are taken care of by AUD and the commercial viability of the property investment is confirmed.

R-Code Compliance and Council Approvals

Building any property in Australia involves compliance to state and local guidelines. While designed for the benefit of the community and environment, compliance to the Residential Design Codes is complicated and involved. With AUD’s experience in building single and multi unit homes and strata, investors have no need to worry about running afoul of the rules and can purchase their investment property worry free.

Budgeting and Construction Time Frame Management

Any construction project has the potential to run over schedule or over budget. Whether because of issues particular to the land, trouble securing tradesmen or materials, or foul weather, construction projects can often go over budget if not managed well.

As the development branch of Aveling Homes, AUD has a wealth of experience as well as the volume buying power and access to skilled tradesmen of a large builder. With AUD’s skilled construction managers, budgeting and scheduling issues are taken care of so your investment property goes up as planned.


Siteworks involves preparing land for building property. Even land that is level may require some degree of siteworks before construction can proceed. Soil conditions, unexposed rocks, excess sand, all the variables involved in preparing a site make it one of the biggest headaches for individual property investors. Thankfully with AUD, everything from earthworks, utility connections, stormwater considerations and final cleaning and prep are taken care of.

Quality Construction Services

An investment property isn’t worth much if the property falls apart. As the development branch of Aveling Homes, Perth’s award winning luxury home builder, AUD’s team draws on decades of experience in home development and a history of building quality properties.

About Aveling Unit Developments

Aveling Unit Developments is the unit division of an award winning home builder Aveling Homes. Dedicated to providing exceptional service, AUD is based in Perth and offers a variety of unit designs and financing options for investors. Find out more about our unit offerings and simplified process by contacting one of our representatives today.

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