Orthopedist is a health care specialist who deals with bones-related issues. An orthopedic surgeon examines damaged bones or joints and then provides surgical and non-surgical treatment. The type of treatment usually depends on the disease or type of injury. This health care specialist performs surgeries on various part of the body as ankles, hands, elbows, legs, feet, shoulders or spine.

Orthopedic surgeons are highly-paid specialists. In fact, they are the second highest paid health care professionals in the USA. The Income of an average orthopedic surgeon influences the choice of profession of the majority of students pursuing medical education. Indeed, many people dreaming of getting medical education are lured by the high orthopedic surgeon salary .

However, each profession has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, in addition to high salaries, orthopedic surgeons face lots of difficulties that they need to overcome. The difficulties begin with the education. To become an orthopedic surgeon, a person has to complete a four-year education.

Besides, it is required spending four years in a clinical school. To become a qualified surgeon a person needs to do lots of training. The training period is divided into two stages: one year of general surgery and four years of specialized training. Getting necessary training is quite difficult, because not all candidates are selected for training in the targeted field. Without completing all these educational and training stages no one can get certified and therefore become an orthopedic surgeon.

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