Midas Construction (Cheshire) Ltd, the Cheshire-based Award Winning Construction firm, prides itself in keeping things local. Throughout the downturn in the construction sector it’s been able to fall back on its local and loyal customer base. A company spokesman says, “Construction companies live or die by their reputation. We’ve seen companies we know scour the whole country for work. Not us. We’ve been able to stay local because the people of Cheshire appreciate quality”.

Midas offers a complete design and build service including building home extensions, loft garage and cellar conversions and refurbishments and renovations. The company works with a range of trusted partners including architects and surveyors to deliver turnkey projects where it project manages everything from start to finish. All tradesmen are “tried and tested”. Midas has all the accreditations you would expect and won the Built in Quality of the Year Award 2010 LABC for its work on extensions. This is no mean feat as the company was nominated by Building Control at Cheshire Council.

Midas, the Building contractors in Cheshire says that trust is an important factor in its success. It believes few companies really appreciate what customers go through when they commit to a building project, particularly in their home. A huge emphasis is placed on understanding client needs. According to the people at Midas this isn’t just about bricks and mortar but also means being able to generate the required finish. Midas says understanding the client’s vision is essential to delivering what the client really wants.

As for maintaining its local reputation in Cheshire, Midas says it’s less about pinpointing one thing that makes the company different. Rather it does a lot of things slightly differently and the combined impact is a much better experience for clients. For example, many firms will send out their top people to do the first site visit and deliver the quote and that’s the last time customers hear from the head honchos. Completely the opposite is true at Midas. Senior management are represented on all projects and the person who clients meet first will run their project.

A Midas spokesman told us “Customers know they are just not buying a service. They have to trust and gel with their project manager. Our approach is so successful prospective customers are able to visit our completed projects. When customers are your best advocates, you know you’re doing something right”.


Midas construction Cheshire Ltd is based in Crewe Cheshire. The company has a deep passion for delivering an unbeatable service right from the moment their clients contact them. Building a relationship with their clients is what makes this construction company stand out from the rest.

Jason Marshall
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