Developers in the UK are flocking to the Kedel website in their droves this year. That is because the company now offers 100% recycled plastic fencing products. The firm sells eco-friendly items to professionals working on projects for many different niches. They include housing associations, schools, local authorities, and universities. The recycled products are the perfect addition to new builds because they’re durable and long-lasting. Also, people will do their bit to protect the planet.

Some of the most popular plastic fencing products available right now include:

- Multicoloured fence pales
- Plastic wood / synthetic wood
- Recycled mixed plastic square posts
- Heavy duty plastic fence panels
- Tongue and groove boards

However, there are many more items listed on the Kedel website. All of the recycled building materials are made to the highest standards. They will perform just as well as products made from raw materials, but people don’t have to worry about their impact on the environment. That is why so many builders and gardening professionals turn to this company for the best solutions at the current time.

The products are composed almost entirely of recycled polystyrene products such as CD cases and plastic coat hangers. Most of the materials were disposed of by UK businesses before they were recycled. Plastic Wood has a similar weight and density to some South American hardwoods. That means it’s going to perform well in any outdoor setting. Kedel's synthetic wood can be manufactured in any colour and can mimic any wood. So, there are endless possibilities for getting the desired aesthetic in almost any instance.

The only complaints received by this firm about their products are from people in disbelief. They sometimes contact Kedel claiming they were sent real wood instead of plastic. That is how similar the two materials can seem to the untrained eye. People can even use woodworking tools to modify or adjust their fencing because the material performs in much the same way.

Anyone who wants to know more should visit the Kedel website as soon as possible. The team publishes a handy blog that people can use to gain a better understanding of their products. There is also a contact form anyone can use to get in touch and ask questions. The guys working for this brand are always around to offer advice and guidance. With lots of experience in the industry, they have all the information anyone could need. They are happy to inform anyone about the benefits of using recycled plastic fencing.

Lewis Walch
Kedel Limited
Address: Daisy Mill, Unit B, Daisy Street, Waterside, Colne, Lancs, BB8 8ER, UK
Phone: 01282 861325
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