16, December 2014: In a recently ended press conference yesterday of Ayur Skin Renewal Cream, one Skin Expert said that Gold Water contained in the skincare cream of this Company has been proven by science as effective and useful. “There were a lot of experiments and studies conducted about this compound. And just about all these studies have got established that this component performs as an effective anti aging remedy,” revealed Cecilia Cooper, Skin Expert.

“We’re happy with the favorable and positive statement of Cecilia Cooper affirming the efficacy and potency of the Gold Water. This testifies that the product works for the betterment of consumers regarding pores and skin wellness,” explained the Spokesperson, Catherine Fields, in one of her online Ayur Skin Renewal Cream review.

Skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, deep furrows, skin discoloration and puffiness are caused by multiple causes like aging, smoking, improper nutrition and constant exposure to sunlight. Ayur Skin Renewal Cream was extensively researched to create just the right mix of these skin nutrition extracts. It’s proven to penetrate deep down into your skin to give you a glowing fairness from within that you can see and feel..

According to www.SkinCareBeautyShop.com, “Gold Water work to reduce wrinkles and producing glowing skin. The depletion of collagen and breakdown of elastin slows down when gold is used on the skin, draws its strength from an Ancient Kumkumadi blend. This unique blend is a 5000-year old beauty secret containing 16 ancient ingredients in the form of fine red speckles. The Kumkumadi Tailam is smoothly absorbed into your skin to give it a glowing, radiant, long-lasting look like never before..”

This skin care cream has a product webpage and a 15 day promotional free trial for you to test the product if this is right for your and whereby all transactions are going to be done. “People should be thoughtful of their skin. Otherwise, they would suffer from social stigma,” emphasized the Spokesperson of Ayur Skin Renewal Cream.

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