This is no hoax. A baby was born with Werewolf Syndrome.

New Lenox, Il, 10/13/2015 — Once again Miracle Alternatives, LLC brings you the bizarre and unusual medical news. Child inherited rare genetic disorder known as Werewolf Syndrome(

Condition produces excessive amounts of hair all over the body.

Mother Savita Raut, 26, says she will love her daughter unconditionally. Raut family from Madhavnagar, central India, carry the gene.

Covered head to toe in hair, this newborn baby is the latest addition to the aptly named Werewolf family. The 22-day-old baby inherited a rare gene carried in her family, which leads to a disorder known as Werewolf Syndrome.
Her mother Savita Sambhaji Raut, 26, said she feared for her daughter's future after she inherited the condition but accepted her fate.

Mother's love: Savita Sambhaji Raut, 26, holds her 21-day-old baby daughter, who was born with a rare genetic condition called Werewolf Syndrome. This little baby girl is the latest addition to the Werewolf family who has a rare genetic disorder which means they are covered in hair.

The mother said it did not matter what her child looked like, she would love her unconditionally. Speaking from her home in Madhavnagar, central India, she said: 'I was so happy to have her alive, but it upsets me.'
She added: 'I am scared for her future, but God has chosen us to be like this.

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