Bad Wolf Outfitters boasts that The Pandora Carryall is going to be the leading example of the smart-tech revolution. With a solution for every possible daily complication, this carryall is literally carrying it all.

The team at Bad Wolf Outfitters asked, “What good is all your high-tech gear when it runs out of battery life?” The Pandora Carryall is the solution they came up with.

"The idea for The Pandora was born out of an almost annoyance. We were tired of buying things that were cool but not nearly as cool as they could be.” — Ryan Dawson, The Pandora Carryall Co-Creator

The Pandora comes equipped with a back-up battery and a solar panel to revive fading electronics, USB ports and in-bag storage to back-up data and connect to your gadgets, and an audio jack to hook up to speakers which can be activated via Bluetooth for impromptu office parties or an after-work dance session. An in-bag screen displays user information like battery life and data storage, and a GPS dongle attachment allows the owner to locate it via their smartphone.

All of the options in this bag are for surviving in our modern world. This bag is born of necessity, and I hope it fills all the needs of people who need such a thing in their lives." -Joey DeLoach, The Pandora Carryall Founder

The Pandora aims to be miles ahead of its competitors in form and design, featuring military-grade Cordura Fabric, doubling as a messenger bag and backpack, switching forms conveniently with a convertible strap, and providing exceptional organization facilitated by specialized pockets and webbing, this satchel stands alone.

Because The Pandora Carryall is still in the prototypical phase of production, Bad Wolf Outfitters is offering backers an opportunity no other crowd funding campaign has given--the chance to not only fund The Pandora Carryall, a vanguard in device transportation, but to customize their ideal carryall.

The project needs to raise a minimum of $25,000 before Bad Wolf Outfitters can begin manufacturing The Pandora Carryall. Those investing through the Indiegogo page will be able to pledge anywhere from $5.00 to $1,000, with each pledge level offering a multitude of backer rewards from great gizmos and gadgets to personalized limited editions of the carryall.

For more on The Pandora Carryall concept design and to help give feedback, check out and take the survey today. Consider supporting the efforts on Indiegogo.

Contact :
Rebecca Chappell
Project Manager
[email protected]