I have shed all my inhibitions as a performer in SAB TV’s Badi Door Se Aaye Hai: Amit Dolawat

Actor Amit Dolawat is enjoying his journey of being part of the successful alien comedy show on SAB TV, Badi door se aaye hai. Amit takes pleasure in wishing the entire team of Badi door se aaye hai on completing 600 episodes. While the show recently achieved the ‘600’ milestone, Amit completed 100 episodes on the show.

Talking about this amazing journey, Amit tells us, “I joined the show when it completed 500, and now we are on the 600 mark. I am glad that I am the central part of the nucleus, as the alien family had come down to earth looking for their son 2015, which is me. I have had a joy ride, being part of the show, especially under the writing of Aatish Kapadia Sir. The best part about Badi door se aaye hai has been the fact that I have shed all my inhibitions in the performance of mine. The show made me take life not too seriously. As a performer, I have let go of trying to look good, trying to hold myself and trying to do anything that any actor would usually do. In simple words this is a complete fearless performance, and I am enjoying it.”

This show also brings Amit back to SAB TV after a span of 6 years. “Yes, it is a pleasure to work with SAB TV; my last stint with the channel was in Lo Ho Gayi Pooja Iss Ghar Ki. I look forward to being part of many more milestone achievements in Badi Door Se Aaye Hai.”

Talking about the successful year he has had, Amit avers, “My debut movie in Marathi, Athang has been the icing on the cake. This year has given me the best, and I look forward to greater roles.”

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Atul  Malikram