A new survey by a leading insurance provider has revealed that the need for baggage protection against theft and other unforeseen circumstances is the main reason people choose to buy travel insurance from companies such as Insuremore.

The 2013 survey, conducted by an Indian insurance company, shows that other leading factors affecting overseas travel insurance claims were a sharp fall in currency value, marked against an increase in money spent overseas, and a rise in air travel costs. According to the company’s travel insights for 2013, the top destination for travel was Singapore, with 32 percent, followed by Dubai with 24 percent and Malaysia with 14 percent. These destinations were closely followed by 12 percent of travellers heading to Thailand and 10 percent to the US.

The research has also shown that whilst personal enjoyment and quality of tourism have always been major factors when it comes to choosing destinations, overall safety and security is now becoming more of a consideration amongst travellers. These factors explain why concerns such as baggage protection are leading to more people buying travel insurance from companies such as Insuremore.

In terms of advice when travelling abroad, people seem to get their information from various sources. Travel agents were the main fountainhead; however, 25 percent of tourists sought advice through friends and family, as well as via the internet. Data from claims showed that the maximum amount paid was reported from the US, making up 80 percent of the total. The survey also revealed a drastic increase in the amount of claims from Germany, with a continuing share of the total coming from the UK and Australia. Most claims were for accident or injury, with 78 percent of the total covering medical expenses. The company has said that the enlightening information will prove useful to innovating their products and insurance packages to suit their customer’s needs.

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