China, January 22, 2014: Jewellery is the most desirable gift for women. It emphasises their subtlety and makes them feel valued by their spouses. Jewellery has been linked to women since ancient ages. With the modernisation of arts, aesthetics and advancement of technology, design and creation of jewellery have remarkably improved. In the present age, jewelleries are one of the best examples of merger of complexity and beauty that humans can induce in an object. The wedding bands for couples available at iDreams Jewelry Company Inc. Online Store are great means to maintain intimacy in relationship with the help of intricacy of jewellery. 

iDreams Jewelry Company manufactures extensive range of jewellery for couples. There are couples bands, pendants, rings, bracelets, etc. The company has about 40 different categories into which it has divided its collection. The categorisation eases users’ effort on searching the desired piece of jewellery. The company not only produces varieties of items but has made them easily searchable too. Couples who have been in marriage since years, newly married couples, engaged couples and would-be-engaged couples can browse the appropriate page to find the kind the jewellery they desire to present to their partners. Lovable necklaces and couples pendants are available in plenty for all occasions that come in the lives of couples. 

iDreams Jewelry Company manufactures items with sterling silver, stainless steel, Austrian crystal, gold plating, black plating, CZ diamonds and tungsten carbide. All jewellery items are created with utmost attention to quality, craftsmanship and finish. In the present age, a jewellery piece has to meet the parameters that make it different and superior to all other possessions of the person. Besides, they must express the feelings and message that partners want to convey to each other through them. All of that demands intervention of exclusive and personal art to jewellery creation. Interestingly, a keen look at the collection of necklaces, rings and wedding bands for couples at iDreams Jewelry Online Store reveals that the company has not missed a point through the course of development. 

iDreams Jewellery Company Inc. accepts all major credit cards for payment. The company does not offer cash on delivery but has very flexible exchange or return policy. The purchased jewellery can be exchanged within 30 days since purchase, provided their condition is like new. Same is true for refund too. But obviously, personalised items cannot be exchanged or returned, except in case of delivery in damaged condition. iDreams ships items the next day of order and the delivery takes 3 — 12 days depending upon the mode of shipment chosen by customers. A confirmation containing the details of the order is generated online as well as emailed to customers. Customers can contact the Chinese jewellery company through email or their online form. Moreover, chat with jewellery specialists is also offered to customers by the company during business hours. 

About iDreams Jewelry Company Inc. Online Store 


iDreams Jewelry Company Inc. is a Chinese enterprise engaged in sales of jewellery for couples. Rings, necklaces and bracelets are the items that are most sold and popular. Engraving service for customisation of pieces is also offered by the retailer.