Banyumedia provides a variety of pay per click (PPC) services especially for business across Indonesia who wants to spread their market, local, national or regional.

We are specializing on Google AdWords PPC because Google is the most favorite search engine in Indonesia. Our purpose is to generate more leads for client trough driving targeted traffics. We use our knowledge and experiences to reduce cost per click. One of the methods is achieving high keyword quality score.

Features of our AdWords management services
* A PPC package depends on the complexity of client’s account. It’s very influenced by the type of business, market, and competition.

* Clients own their account at the end of contract. They can check all the account performance transparently.

* Clients can pay ad spend via their back account or credit card. We still send invoice for management fee.

* It’s not limited to one campaign online. The complex account needs complex campaign structure too.

* We use all AdWords features in campaign setting, including: choice of networks, location targeting, devices, scheduling, ad extensions, remarketing, conversion tracking, and linked Google analytics account.

Why are our fully managed PPC services different from other agencies?

* Affordable management fee. We charge management fee based on fixed rate or percentage rate. It depends on many factors. We will reduce client’s cost with no agendas

* Effective AdWords Management Campaign. We will regularly optimize AdWords account by finding the new potential keywords, pausing ad groups and keywords that are not working. It will save clients’ money otherwise being wasted on not working keywords.

* Focus on quality score. Means you never pay more than you need for clicks to your website.

* A higher quality score means lower pay per click. We will focus on achieving high quality score for your AdWords accounts to save your money, and you will pay less than competitors.

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Banyumedia is an Indonesia based company that helps Indonesian business owners to be more successful in internet marketing trough Google AdWords account management service.