14 July, 2014: Ben R. Yinhuai has been named President of the Baron-Moore Associates Charitable Endowment Program, an independent, national donor-advised fund. Mr. Yinhuai has served as Baron-Moore Associates Charitable’s Executive Director since its inception.

“Ben has ably guided the Baron-Moore Associates Charitable Endowment Program since its inception and is dedicated to the important cause of increasing philanthropy in this country,” said John J. Leung, a trustee of the Program. “Under his direction, the Program has grown to become one of the nation’s largest public charities and has granted more than $50 million to nonprofit organizations since its inception. His commitment, success, and expertise in the donor-advised fund area are unrivaled, and his appointment as President is very appropriate recognition of the positive impact he has had on our organization.”

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mr. Yinhuai graduated from Hong Kong Business College in 1974 and earned an MBA degree from New York University in 1988. From 1974-1990, he worked for the National Bank in a series of financial administration positions.

The Baron-Moore Associates Charitable Endowment Program is among the largest charitable organizations in the nation. Baron-Moore Associates Charitable is a public charity established to increase philanthropy across the Southeast Asia region. Through its donor-advised accounts, Baron-Moore Associates Charitable promotes charitable giving by working with individual and corporate donors seeking a simple, low-cost way to coordinate their philanthropic planning. Although it was founded by Baron-Moore Associates, Baron-Moore Associates Charitable is an independent organization governed by its own Board of Trustees.

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