Basar Khan to kill Maharan Pratap??


Maharana Pratap’s life is in danger. The show which has been grabbing eyeballs with some extraordinary performances is going to witness some dramatic twists and turns in the upcoming episodes. Bharat ka Veer putra Maharana Pratap is going to face death at the hands of Basar Khan. He has been sent by Shams Khan and Shamsher Khan to kill Pratap. A little birdie from the sets reveals that actor Siraj Mustafa will essay the role of Maharana’s new enemy. Basar Khan who is a master of disguise will plan a surprise attack on Pratap. Will Maharana Pratap survive or will he face death at the hands of the ruthless killer Basar Khan?


To know more about Pratap’s enemy keep watching Bharat Ka Veer Putra — Maharana

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