HAMPSHIRE — The concept of setting up a home business is still new to many who consider the best way to settle down into life is to take up a nine to five job. While the concept may be alien to many, to some it is filled with jubilation and inspiration to follow other entrepreneurs. One such motivated community, iHubbub.com, helps start-up entrepreneurs promote their home business and market their products and services.

iHubbub.com [ http://ihubbub.com ] is the fastest growing network of home based business owners, freelancers and venture seekers who have set out to turn their passion and skill into a money-making business.

This new social community is for home based businesses starting up their business from the kitchen table, spare bedroom, garage, basement (as Sir Richard Branson did) or any other place in their home.

The website has everything one needs to know about starting up a home based business. From initial new business promotion to finding long term clients, this community network provides valuable knowledge, advice and resources, as well as the opportunity to promote a new or established home business. Normally, to do this start-up entrepreneurs have to go through hoops of time-consuming tasks, and not having proper guidance can delay the start and growth of a new business.

The goal behind setting up the iHubbub website was to help and support the 9 million UK home workers and 4 million plus home business owners working from their home, and indeed, anyone with a desire to start a home based business [ http://ihubbub.com/home-business ].

iHubbub provides a place where its members can mix socially, share their skills, learn new skills and maximise the opportunities for online networking [ http://ihubbub.com/online-speed-networking ], which is critical to growing a home based business.

To prove the site’s effectiveness, although recently launched, iHubbub was publicly-voted as The Best Social Website in the Blue Drop Awards. They were judged on innovation, best practices, content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality and overall member experience.

iHubbub is thriving in the UK, spreading across to Europe and already expanding globally with some members dotted around the world.

Co-Founder of iHubbub (who is the bestselling author of Pimp My Site), Paula Wynne, said: “iHubbub has anything and everything one needs to know about setting up a home business from scratch and making it successful, without having to slog or burn the midnight oil.”

More about iHubbub

iHubbub is a virtual home business world for millions of people to come together, from across different generations, cultures and places, to share their home working experiences, skills and to share in a home working world.

This new social network is dedicated to the entrepreneurial talents of freelancers and start-up home business owners, self-employed contractors and authors to promote and market their products or services with helpful business development tools.

iHubbub allows members to share all their home business interests by pinning their details to the home business map. You can browse pins created by other freelancers, home workers and home business owners to discover new opportunities close by to exchange and swap with like-minded people who share your interests and support other members in our home business community.

Members show pins for a variety of services that you may need locally or from a wider audience. Membership is free and there is no cost to members promoting their businesses.

To read success stories and join this community of budding entrepreneurs, log onto http://ihubbub.com/

Editor’s Notes
For further information please contact Paula Wynne at iHubbub

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