China - Reader for this article may find the Stainless Steel Electric Kettle in each family. Due to the technology development, there are more and more features that have been added into the electric kettles. Besides, there are various design and style available in the market.

The manufacturers use different material to make this product. Some are made of plastic. Others are made of metal, for example the stainless steel Electric Kettle is very typically one among them. They are two main material used to make the electric kettles which are the stainless steel and the plastic. What¡¯s different between them? Now, the editor from famous electric kettles

The plastic material is cheapest. So the plastic kettles are cheaper than any other kettles according to its cost. Besides, the plastic appliance is light. Since these, even the children can take it. What¡¯s more, we know that the plastic material is insulated. It can keep water warm and less hot to touch. All theses is the advantages of the plastic kettle. But, what are the disadvantages of it? First, some of them may give off a plastic smell that leaches into the boiled water when it is heating. The plastic smell will not disappear until a few uses. Even though the manufacturers claim that the plastic is safe, I still prefer to avoid plastic for health reasons.

The stainless steel electric kettles are no heal the worries. They will not release any smell during the water is heating. Besides, it is easy and short time to boil the water for their seamless models. Some of the Cordless Electric Kettle are stylish that are available in different colors and some are simple in the market. The various colors in which you can avail your kettle are blue, black, red, white, ivory white, silver and green etc. These are often quite inexpensive and can provide a good value for the money. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the large Stainless Steel mess, as they can be cleaned up easily.

We all know every coin has two pieces. There are also some disadvantages of stainless steel electric kettles.

First, the hot surface of the stainless steel appliance can be dangerous, unless a double-walled model is used. Second, this material is heavier, so it can not be easy for the children or elder to take. At last, they can leave a metallic taste in the water if water is re-boiled or left too long in the kettle.

The plastic or stainless steel one, it all depends on you. If you choose the plastic, you may have to stand the plastic smell for a period of time.


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