China - Almost all of these FOOD POUCH and STAND UP POUCH has made used of the plastic resin which is the the main ingredient in plastic, having the function of adhesive. The plastic resin could integrate other plastic components into a whole unit. Although the joining of all kinds of additives change the nature characteristics, the resin the underlying factor that could decide the plastic type, performance and other factors.

The commonly used resin types for the stand up pouch from include the Polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), urea formaldehyde (UF), epoxy (EP), polyester (PR), polyurethane (PU), poly (methyl methacrylate) (PUMA), organic silicon (SI) and others. On the other hand, depending on what happens when heated, these synthetic resins can be mainly divided into two kinds which are the thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resins.

Thermoplastic resin

Thermoplastic resin owns the feature of thermal softening and cool hardening. On the other hand, this material can't afford to chemical reaction. No matter how many times people repeat the working process of heating and cooling, this kind of material can better maintain this performance . All the structure which has the thermoplastic resin molecular is all the linear type. Thermoplastic resins include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyamide, polycarbonate, polyphenyl ether, polysulfone, rubber and others. The advantages of the thermoplastic resin in the FOOD POUCH are the easy processing and high mechanical energy. The disadvantages of this material are poor heat resistance and low rigidity.

Thermosetting resin

The Thermosetting Resin will has the chemical changing after the temperature arising. After the heating process, the Thermosetting Resin will become harder and harder. The continuously heating will not let the harden Thermosetting Resin become soft and this resin could not be dissolved again. Thermosetting resin includes most of the condensation resin. This kind of resin has the advantage of high heat resistance and the outside pressure could not easy to let it has deformation. The downside of this resin is the poor mechanical properties. Thermosetting resins include the phenolic resin, epoxy, amino resin, unsaturated polyester, silicon ether and others.

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