USA — Batman is easily one of the most popular superhero characters of all times. Both kids and adults love this dark knight for its adventures, costume, gadgets and his undercover image. And, for all the Batman fans,, recently announced a new range of Batman-themed games, and some of these new Batman games include Batman Save Gotham, Batman Stunts, and Batman the Scarecrow’s Revenge.

Click here to play Batman games on is known for offering some of the most innovative Batman themed video games on its website. Hundreds of thousands around the world play these games online. The new range of games can take the video game players on a new, exciting and adventurous journey with its wide range of features and themes that each of the games have got to offer.

Giving a preview of the game Batman Stunts, one of the developers of the game said, “He likes to take his Bat motorcycle and practice concrete ramp motocross in his private sport area. Just jumping around with a motorcycle is not enough for our hero that likes to perform the craziest movements in the air while jumping from ramp to ramp.”

Throwing some light on the character of one of the meanest villains Batman ever faced, Dr. Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow, the developer was quoted as saying, “The Scarecrow, once known as Dr. Jonathan Crane, is a super villain that isn’t concerned with wealth, since he has a fortune from his days as a successful doctor, that used to make research about the human’s fears. He doesn’t look like a doctor now that he became Scarecrow, but he didn’t stop his researches, now with much more malign intentions.”

Batman fans can log on to and play their favorite Batman game online.

About the Company is a one of its gaming website that is dedicated to the superhero Batman and is filled with games related to the adventures of Batman and all the super villains that the character has ever faced. Hundreds and thousands of online video game lovers everyday log on to the website of to play their favorite Batman themed game.

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