BBM Solicitors is a Scottish law firm with expertise across a wide range of legal sectors. The history and values of the firm highlights its commitment to helping both local communities and individuals and businesses based in the central belt.

Based in Edinburgh and Wick, BBM solicitors was founded in 2010 and has based its values on ‘doing law better’. In order to achieve this goal, BBM has worked hard to build strong relationships with clients, competitors, courts, regulators and internally within the team. Since its formation, BBM has grown to become a national leader in its specialist areas and the highly skilled team which is in place has helped to strengthen the reputation of the firm.

In addition to its Edinburgh office, BBM Solicitors has key employees based in Caithness and the Highlands. The blend of rural and urban locations makes BBM quite unique in its offering to clients across a range of sectors, with a whole host of different legal requirements. It is this which cements BBM as a real Scottish practice which is just as comfortable working in the farming communities of the Scottish Highlands as representing clients in the Court of Session.

Eric Baijal describes the motivation behind the set-up of the firm: ‘When we set up BBM in 2010 our aims were two-fold. Firstly, we wanted to establish a niche as a dynamic specialist on the national stage with an offering based on timely, cost-effective and commercial advice for clients facing an array of complex legal challenges, in doing so, we wanted to help shift the perception of legal advice as a necessary evil, promoting it instead as a service where our contribution actively improves clients quality of work and life, saving and indeed making them money in some cases.’ He goes on to describe BBM’s second aim, stating that they wanted to ‘develop a quality firm based in the Far North’, something he says that they felt passionate about, adding that the firm was uniquely placed to help local communities as well as businesses, using the expertise of commercial operators who understand the way life works in rural communities.

BBM’s commitment to Scotland’s diversity is key to their success.

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Eric M. Baijal
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