Los Angeles based media production and digital marketing company, Capacity Productions is currently in development with their first full length feature film titled HELLITOSIS: The Legend of Stankmouth. This unique horror comedy is being written, produced, and directed by Robert Mulligan.

Capacity Productions hit the ground running, quickly gathering various sponsors and partners such as Peeps4hire, Charity Collective, PuffTuff Vapes, and many more. A fundraiser campaign is set to begin very soon on the crowd funding website Indiegogo. Movie fans worldwide will have the opportunity to contribute to the film, and by doing so, receive amazing Stankmouth merchandise or even one of a kind props used in the making of the film. As quoted by Rob Mulligan the creator, "I'm creating a comedy-horror movie to bring back that cult classic feel from the days of Toxic Avenger and Freddy Krueger! I want to bring back something you can truly love! A comedy-horror with a vibe and feeling and style and character that... well... there is nothing to describe Stankmouth! Just wait till you see him!"

This project is contracted to work with the same special effects artist that created effects for Pet Sematary, Evil Bong and the Gingerbread Man and worked on such projects as Nightmare on Elm Street and Babylon 5, just to name a few.

If you want to see Stankmouth for yourself, you'll have to search online. Expect a teaser trailer to be released to the public by mid August. We were told by the crew you can simply search the hashtag #Stankmouth or #Hellitosis on all social networking sites to learn more.

Jennifer Perdomo, movie reviewer for the LA Weekly had this to say, "The sheer mayhem and comedy that ensues with five unsuspecting house guests, a uniquely original killer, along with a surplus of cringe worthy gore is sure to make HELLITOSIS: The Legend of Stankmouth an instant horror comedy cult classic."

The film is set to start lensing in early October 2015 in Los Angeles California. Currently the film is in pre-production with such names attached to cast and crew as, BJ Hendricks, Jeff Farley, Isabelo Pascual and more. You can learn more by exploring www.Stankmouth.com and following their links. Currently they are panning auditions for cast and crew roles, so maybe you can join them.