Do you believe in love at first sight? If your answer is yes, then you will definitely want that the headphones that you use are not just of good quality but are beautiful too. If you are looking for such a beat, then you should buy Dre Beats.

These beautiful beats have been developed by Dr. Dre along with the collaboration of Monster Cables. These were the first Beats that were available in the market that was endorsed by a celebrity, and had an embossed logo, at such an amazing price. The logo of “b” in lower case can be seen from far off, and is hard to not notice when you see them hanging around people’s neck. The youth has instantly identified itself with the brand and the logo, and it is connected with youth and fun.

If you are really not worried about how your headphones look, then you can try out the cheapest Beats by Dre. Although these headphones will not be very high on the style quotient, but they will not appear stodgy too. The look is so elegant, that even the passer-by will understand that the quality of the beats are good. If you visit their website, , you will find that the average cost of a beat is even lesser than the amount that you pay for having a dinner with your friend. As the youth of today are much concerned about their looks, and appearance, you will definitely want to put an impression of what you are wearing inside, outside, or even around our ears.

Although the — up between Monster and Beat was going on well, but still the marriage did not last long. Beat was successful to retain all the engineering, designing, and the branding rights. So, this year the company has tied up with the popular mobile manufacturer HTC. If you have the slightest doubt whether these cheap Beats by Dr Dre are really worth it or not, then do not worry.

If you love to listen to dance numbers, or hip — hop music, then you should definitely buy these headphones. Even the cheapest Beats by Dre have a heavy bass consistently, that many appreciate. If you test most of the models, you will like the sound output and the quality of most of them. But answering your query about the worthiness of the price is a little bit complicated.

The connoisseurs of Beats give utmost importance to noise cancellation, and most of the headphones by Dr Dre got full points on that. The less costly headphones, although do not have the noise cancellation features, but still sounded pretty good. You can read a lot of user reviews and experiences at . So, although it might seem to some of you that you are paying more for the price of these headphones, but the noise cancellation models are worth the deal. If you compare the headphones of different categories, you will find that these Beats are best across all the segments. So, if the sound quality is your most important criterion, then you should definitely go for the Beats.


At Beats, they believe that the customer satisfaction is the most important criterion. They are open on all days, except holidays. So, if you want the best headphones then buy one today.

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