03, January 2015: Recently I’ve really been getting into new wedding ring styles. F has been most impressed at my new found love for Art Deco design and interest in unusual gemstones. However, upon discovering Keith Gordon (or shall I say rediscovering), it’s safe to say my love for traditional jewellery has been reignited by his emerald engagement rings. Well, it’s not completely traditional: I’ve still opted for a less frequently used stone than diamonds! 

Engagement ring designer Keith Gordon

This ring is a beautiful example of how Keith can take any stone and set it into a unique yet classical design. There is no doubting that this is an engagement ring — from the quiet elegance to the inclusion of the emerald, its identity is clear. Nonetheless, F and I really like the distinctive quality of this design that sets it above the clichéd traditions of many engagement rings. 

Both in his collections and in his bespoke portfolio, Keith Gordon demonstrates a degree of creativity and individuality that motivates entire generations of the same family to commission these special rings from him.