Beauty Secret that YamiGautam Swears By

Actress YamiGautam, shares her beauty mantra for all young girls to look beautiful and gorgeous. Instant transformation is the need of the hour. Whether it’s for a party or hanging out with friends in a coffee shop or a dinner date with a special someone, one wantsto look flawless and perfect all the time.

Look here’s what Actress YamiGautam, who was last seen in the super hit Hindi movie Badlapur has to say, “When I’m not shooting and go with friends I try to keep it simple. Nowadays we all want to look flawless yet don’t want to apply heavy make-up, thus BB cream is the perfect go to solution. I don’t have to put separate moisturizer and then apply foundation. Fair & Lovely BB Cream combines the benefit of face cream and make-up foundation, thus ensures instant transformation that any make-up/ foundation can give. Its matte and non- oily feel makes it apt for Indian humid weather conditions. It’s easy to apply and long lasting, and you can carry it in your bag to get instant transformation anytime, anywhere.”

 About Fair& Lovely’s BB Cream







The new Fair & Lovely BB cream, is a revolutionary Fairness Cream that gives a Make-Up Finish. It’s an expert product that combines the benefits of foundation and multivitamin fairness cream - giving consumers access to the instant transformative power of make-up with the goodness of fairness cream.

Fair & Lovely BB Cream is available at for Rs.169 for 40g, Rs.79 for 18 gm & Rs.49 for 9 gm.


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