10, October 2016: Junsung Park announces the launch of the new version of their iOS app that can allow people to upgrade their photographs by adding attractive emotions and art. The Beautycamera 1.04 app is currently available for free download on iTunes. People, who have Apple devices with iOS 9.0 or higher version of the OS, can download and install the app. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

According to the spokesperson of the mobile app developer, the app offers a differentiated filter, which is available free of charge. It can allow people to add feelings to their photos and help photographs turn into an art. For any Apple device user, it will be a good idea to get the app to make their photographs lively showing different emotions. They can share the enhanced image with friends or social media and can create their better impression. The app can allow users to make their photographs an insta favorite on different social platforms.

The spokesperson reveals that they are offering 45 kinds of by-default filters for free users. However, for an in-app purchase, one can get 92 kinds of filters to make their photos glamorous and sexy. There is a whole range of filters for anyone to give a new meaning to their photographs and win appreciations from friends and others. The app could be more helpful for people who think they don’t have a photogenic face. An ordinary photo can amazingly be enhanced with the help of this mobile application, which is easy to use and is available in Korean and English languages.

The company is planning to add more languages for people to use the application more easily and add beauty to their photograph. With this new app, one can use their iPhone camera to capture ordinary images and turn them into art pieces with the help of filters of their choice. Users can find a variety of filters, such as golden, afterglow, vintage, midnight hour and other filters. To download the free version of the app today, one can visit the iTune link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/beautycamera/id1146301228?mt=8.

About Junsung Park:

Junsung Park is the leading mobile app developer, offering mobile applications for the iOS and other platforms. Their Beautycamera is a popular app for Apple device users and they have now launched the latest version of the app, which features the bug fixes. The app is currently available for free download on iTunes.

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